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Plastic bottle windmills

Many years ago I made wire and tape windmills.
I started using plastic bottles for the blades so I could make them faster.

One day I thought, why have the wire, the bottles work on their own.

It was one of the lovely things you find.

This is a plastic bottle windmill made from a recycled 'Mountain Dew' PET bottle

Years ago my son Ewan made a film about how to make a plastic bottle windmill

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blue windmill
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Paper cups windmill

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This is one of the wire windmills that i started adding plastic bottle to make them faster

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Coke can windmill. I have glue-gunned, cut out plastic bottle bases, as bearing surfaces

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Baked bean can windmill. when its hammering round in a strong wind you best keep away!

This is a video showing an example of adding LED’s and copper wire and magnets to ur plastic bottle windmill

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