Darcy Turner

Feed back - School Sculpture workshops.

Verulam School - St Albans.
Darcy was extremely professional and organised with outstanding resources.
Darcy's interaction with a range of boys was very impressive which lead to a highly diverse and successful wire bug outcomes.

Mitchell Brook Primary - London
The workshop was very well organised and Darcy was very engaging.
He knew exactly how to speak to the children and they were enthralled by his own inventions.
The children were able to work both independently and as a team to make their iron man.
We have never seen our classes work so well together. He inspired them to work hard and as a team to complete the task.

Lordship Farm Primary - Letchworth
The workshops were very engaging for all the children from year 1 - 6.
Darcy was brilliant with the children he not only inspired their ideas through the activities but he made
them laugh too.
The children had the opportunity to do something which in school we don't have the equipment or
experience of metal work to deliver.
The finished pieces look fantastic.

Sir John Lawes School - Harpenden

Darcy was fantastic. He started the day by talking to all our year 7 students (185) and they were instantly inspired and engaged.He was punctual, well organised and absolutely professional. Very unusual to find an artist so confident in running workshops in schools.

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